What is a Grit Guard?

A grit guard is a metal or plastic grill designed to sit a few inches from the bottom of the water bucket to trap the grit when you rinse your wash mitt. This handy model allows you to avoid reapplying dirt to the car when you wash the sponge or cloth.

The inserts radial surface extracts particles like dirt, grime and residue from your washcloth to give a scratch free finish every time you wash your car.

Other benefits include its ability to reduce the current of the water swirling around the bucket. As the dirt particles drop below the level of the grate, it falls between the fins to the bottom and lingers there. The fins stop the water at the top of the bucket from disturbing the water in the bottom and lifting the residue out.

Additionally, the grit guard inserts act as a washboard to eliminate bits from the cloths. It provides a rough surface for you to scrape or rake your washcloth or sponge against to extricate any dirt from the washcloth or sponge. The loose particles will then sink to the bottom of the bucket.

How to use a Grit Guard

  1. Insert the grit guard to the bottom of your water bucket. If possible, we advise using two buckets with a grit guard insert in each, to optimise the results.
  2. Fill buckets with water.
  3. Rinse car off to remove large pieces of debris.
  4. Use the wash bucket to clean car with soapy water – dirt particles will sink to the bottom.
  5. You can rub the cleaning pads and mitts against the grit guard insert between washes to remove any excess dirt from the cleaning tool.
  6. Wash and repeat.

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