Why get your car serviced regularly?

Getting your car serviced regularly is an essential part of being a responsible driver. Ensuring that your car meets road safety standards is but only one of the benefits of regular servicing. Most of the other benefits are personal and can mean that you save money as well as prolong the life and efficiency of your vehicle.

Without regular servicing, some problems may go unnoticed

The parts of your car wear down over time and with use. Some parts will degrade even if you don't use your car often. The recommended service intervals vary for the different parts of your car. The manufacturer's handbook for your vehicle can help you create a service plan for checking everything from your brakes to your spark plugs. As a driver, you may rely on your dashboard emergency lights to let you know about any major problems. But this only works if your emergency lights are in fact working (something you can have checked during a service) and if the problem is one highlighted by that system. Problems with steering and suspension, for instance, often go unnoticed, but are routinely diagnosed by mechanics.

Identify problems before they become major and expensive

Regular servicing helps to identify wear and tear before you have a major and expensive problem. Especially when it comes to your engine, failure to maintain your oil system or parts like your cam-belt can result in irreparable damage. The average cost of a basic service is well below that of replacing an engine, something that can cost thousands of pounds. Getting your car serviced on a regular basis, is often compared to having routine checkups at the doctor. You are likely to find problems early on when they are simpler and cheaper to fix.

Enhance the fuel efficiency and life expectancy of your car

Keeping your car well serviced also makes it more fuel-efficient and enhances the life expectancy of your car. Kept in pristine condition, your car is less likely to breakdown. You are also more likely to reap the benefits of your efforts in the event that you want to sell it. Having a full-service history that reflects regular car servicing doesn't just improve your car's resale value, it also makes it easier to claim on your vehicle's warranty if you need to.

Make passenger safety a priority

Using a professional for a complete annual service can give you a comprehensive overview of the condition of your car. There may be repairs and replacements you can do yourself but a full service will cover your engine, fuel system, drive system, electricals, steering and suspension, exhaust, brakes, tyres, windscreens and even the often overlooked door hinges, locks and seat-belts. When it comes to passenger safety, you cannot afford to overlook anything. It is important, for instance, to not only make sure that your tyres are road worthy but also that your windscreen can withstand unexpected bad weather conditions.

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